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SandraBiancoEducation.com (defined below), which governs your use of Products (defined herein) obtained via purchase through this website at SandraBiancoEducation.com, or any related domains or subdomains (the “Site”). In these Terms, use of the words “you”, and “your” refer to each individual user who may interact with this site, and “we”, “us” and “our” refer to Sandra Bianco

Photography and SandraBiancoEducation.com, doing business as Sandra Bianco Photography

(“Sandra Bianco Photography”).

“Products” referred to by these Terms include but are not limited to: any forms, templates,

communication, workshops, videos, action sets, printed materials and any other documents

provided for paid purchase or for which you supply personal information in exchange, including free downloaded material or other information available through the Site, obtained from Sandra Bianco Photography. All such Products are the intellectual property of and are owned by Sandra Bianco Photography.

By purchasing any Product, you agree to be bound by these Terms, without any other condition or declarations. If at any time you do not agree with these Terms or find them otherwise unacceptable, please discontinue use of all Sandra Bianco Products immediately.

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SandraBiancoEducation.com is the sole manager of such information collected herein on this site.

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SandraBiancoEducation.com owns all intellectual property rights in (a) all text, logo, images, headers, trademarks, service marks, design elements, and all other protected elements on the Site (except those licensed from others); (b) any Products and portions therefore; (c) all things otherwise provided to you as a part of SandraBiancoEducation.com's services, and; (d) any other intellectual property rights afforded to SandraBiancoEducation.com, either through state or federal registration or as otherwise available at common law (“Intellectual Property”). Except as stated below, S SandraBiancoEducation.com does not grant you any rights to any Intellectual Property contained within the Products or as may be available to you generally through the Site.

You agree not to make unauthorized use of or otherwise infringe upon SandraBiancoEducation.com’s Intellectual Property in anyway, and understand that it is your responsibility to ensure that you refrain from doing so. SandraBiancoEducation.com will take legal action if necessary to protect its Intellectual Property in the event of such infringement, and asks that you carefully manage your use of the Products, and any other downloaded materials or services to ensure compliance with these Terms.

All Sandra Bianco Photography products are protected under US Copyright Law. They may not

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In compliance with said Terms of Use, Sandra Bianco Photography and SandraBiancoEducation.com grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to download Products and view the streaming video content that you purchase, with the sole intent of your personal use; with respect to your photography clients or similar business use, which is not to include any reproduction, copying, or any other use of the Products herein for resale or distribution (“Permitted Use”), provided that you:

(1) abide by all copyright protections afforded to the Products, both as formally registered with the U.S. Copyright Office and as otherwise provided by law;

(2) abide by all trademark protections afforded to the Products, both as formally registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, a state trademark authority, or as otherwise provided by common law;

(3) do not use the Products or otherwise offer them on any other website, through a networked computer environment, or otherwise offer them for distribution or sale or in any manner inconsistent with said Permitted Uses as provided by these Terms and Conditions;

(4) do not modify the Products in any way which are otherwise consistent with Permitted Use

provided by these Terms. Such permission to modify Products consistent with Permitted Use in

no way expands the limited license provided herein, nor does it grant you intellectual property ownership in, or provide a general right to the modification of any Products.

By purchasing items from SandraBiancoEducation.com, the “user” does not gain ownership, nor can he/she claim any product as his/her own. Under no circumstance should any products be modified, shared, sold, transferred, screen shot, copied or gift the right to use these products to anyone else.

Products purchased via SandraBiancoEducation.com should, under no circumstance, be posted or uploaded to the internet. Posting a link for others to download Sandra Bianco Photography or SandraBiancoEducation.com products is a felony.

Products purchased from Sandra Bianco Photography or SandraBiancoEducation.com, may only be installed on a computer directly owned by the purchaser.

Please be sure to download your product immediately and securely back up all purchases. Sandra Bianco Photography and SandraBiancoEducation.com is not liable for any loss or damage to Products that occur after download or any customer’s inadvertent or mistaken download of a Product customer did not intend to purchase or download. Neither Sandra Bianco Photography nor SandraBiancoEducation.com will reimburse you for such downloads.


All digital sales are final sales. There are no refunds or returns.


By using this Site and entering personal information, you give SandraBiancoEducation.com permission to contact you via email, telephone, and by any other method for which you include contact information to provide you with information regarding specials, new Products and services or changes to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. Should you prefer not to be contacted by e-mail, please let SandraBiancoEducation.com know in writing by emailing us at san@sandrabianco.com and we will kindly refrain from doing so.

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